Hong Kong

Hello (again) – welcome back!

I started this blog in 2011, when I first arrived in Hong Kong. Back then I did what many did, I wrote a little bit about everything – from eating out in cha chaan tengs, hiking across the Wilson, Hong Kong, Lantau, MacLehose trails to experimenting in street photography and travelling across Asia.

It was great fun to keep this little blog going, to learn about Hong Kong’s rich history, uncover places and sights that I’ve might not found otherwise, and making lots of new friends. But then came the day that I felt I don’t have much more to say – and so the blog went to sleep.

Since then my family has grown. We have two kids and a cat. The focus has changed. Hong Kong is our home now, we don’t have any plans to move and the children are growing up here.

This is what my blog bluebalu is now all about: a childhood in modern Hong Kong. It is written by a parent, with a focus on children growing up in this busy city, how they make friends, learn Cantonese, explore the surroundings and travel abroad. Welcome back!

8 thoughts on “Hello (again) – welcome back!”

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! I wondered if you had left Hong Kong. Glad to learn that you haven’t — and, in fact, have put down roots here. :)

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