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Secret Rooftop Garden at the Wan Chai Ferry Pier

Technically this is not a secret, but practically it does not seem to be known much. The Wan Chai Ferry Pier has three levels – the first floor is the entry point to the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui and the Star Ferry Harbour Tour. On the second floor is a Japanese Sushi restaurant (Yamataka Seafood Market), and the top floor is a public rooftop.

Wan Chai Ferry Pier August 2015-6

Just take the stairs or the elevator up to the top floor, and then you can enjoy a great view over the harbour. All for free.

1 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 20185 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 2018

There is a covered part, with a few flower beds – well, technically not flower beds, they are filled with cacti (or cactuses) and various dry plants that can resist the heat and live with minimum amount of water.

3 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 2018

And a part that’s fully out in the sun or under the night sky, depending on which time of the day you go and visit. Either way, there is plenty of seating and you can just relax and enjoy the skyline.

We’ve been a number of times, and usually we bring some drinks (or ice cream from a Seven Eleven/K Circle at the Sun Hung Kai Centre) with us.

4 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 20182 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 2018

The kids can just run around (there are usually not many people) and is a great place from which to see the Laser/Lightshow if you want to come that late.

6 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 2018

7 - Wan Chai Ferry Pier May 2018

It is probably also a good vantage point for the fireworks, but so far we’ve never been.

I’ve just looked back at my post from September 2015, so almost three years later you can see that much more land has been reclaimed, but there’s still not much next to the Ferry Pier. And as you can gather from TheFragrantHarbour’s blog post, there’s much procrastination and not much happening on this harbourfront enhancement project!

2 thoughts on “Secret Rooftop Garden at the Wan Chai Ferry Pier”

  1. Thanks for the post. I am one of these people who didn’t previously realize that this rooftop garden was open to the public! :)

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