HK Island, Indoor Playroom

Secret (and free) playroom at Lee Gardens Two

+++ UPDATE August 2018: This is CLOSED as Lee Gardens are preparing a new kids zone on the third floor – so watch this space for an update +++

Lee Gardens Two is geared towards kids – lots of stores there are selling children’s clothes, books, toys and accessories and there are two free play zones on the second and third floor. Usually there are a few wooden toys to choose from – some puzzles, some activity cubes and maybe some kitchen/pretend play items, but the selection is small and it can be very crowded. This has changed now – since Easter there’s another play room now open on the third floor, and that’s been a really great find!

The playroom on the third floor is open from 10.30am to 8pm. It is a big room, with a couple of chairs, bean bags and cushions. So parents/guardians can relax and kids can play – and there are many toys to choose from. Just make sure to take off your shoes at the entrance (best to wear socks and also bring a sweater as the air conditioning can be quite strong).

There is a big corner with a black magnetic wall to stick all the magnetic tiles on. Then there is a big bookshelf with lots of picture and story books for toddlers. A corner with lots of cushions could be a good spot to read all these books – or to rest after playing with the colorful mega blocks for a while.

There are plenty of plastic boxes with different toys – some are Duplo/Lego, others are building sets with different gears. I spotted a few items from the Early Learning Centre, including a sensory table with balls for the babies and also a keyboard/drums table – which is fun as long as the battery does not run out!

We’ve been going to the free playroom at Lee Gardens Two for several months now – and most of the initial toys are still around and in good shape. But most batteries have run out and I don’t know what the plans are for replacing these. On the other hand, there are plenty of toys that don’t require a battery – so it is not a big deal.

Final point to remember: the playroom is for babies, toddlers and kindergarten kids – so you will have to stay with them. It is not a drop-off centre!

So what is my verdict? Thumbs up.

On the plus side: The playroom is free of charge, it is easy to find and it is spacious enough for several kids to play there. The toy selection is good, I love that there are plenty of books to read from, and usually at the times we went (before 4pm during a weekday) it was not too crowded.

On the minus side: It says the toys are sterilised every 2 hours but I’ve been many times and for long durations, and during that time I’ve not seen a single person of staff. The toys have appeared clean and in good state during the times I’ve went, but I don’t know how good the hygiene standards really are. Having said that, there’s also no health check or disinfectants provided. So just be mindful of that.

Free Playroom
3/F, Lee Gardens Two
8 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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