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Fun Zone Island East Playroom

We’re looking for plenty of indoor play opportunities, now that it is rainy season and so hot/humid here in Hong Kong. That’s why we gave Fun Zone in North Point a try. This is one of the smaller play rooms, and it has been established for a while.

It is on Marble Road 33 in North Point, in a small mall that is geared towards kids with education/learning/play offerings. Fun Zone is on the top floor. It opens at 10am (every day) and once you’ve paid the entrance fee, you can leave your shoes next to the entrance and go inside. There is not much space to park a stroller, but if you can fold it, you can leave it next to the entrance.

Inside, there are different areas. First, there is the small toddler/baby area. It has plenty of different toys to explore, including a small ball pit for the younger ones. This was great, as the main area can become a bit crowded/noisy/hectic with older kids playing, so we did hang our there for a while.

Then, there are several cars/bikes or ride-me vehicles to choose from. These have been an instant hit with the kids, especially as there is a little race track painted on the floor. Of course, the kids immediately picked up on this and raced each other.

At the far end are a few houses – a restaurant where you can be a chef, a vet where you can look after animals and also a mix between a store and a garage. These houses looked great from the outside, but it was a bit sad to see that there were not many props to play with. Only a few plates, plastic fruits/vegetables and stuffed toys were left. Reading from a blog post in 2015 (by accidentaltaitai) it must have been much better in the past. But still, the kids were happy playing in the houses.

There is also a small music instrument section, and the little piano was a hit with my boy. My girl preferred the trampoline in the corner, which was small, but if there were only two kids inside, it was perfectly fine.

And then, of course, there is the main area: the big, padded bouncy castle meets slides and ball pits. This provided for a lot of fun, especially when playing hide and seek or catch me if you can! There are lots of soft, foam areas to climb and jump on – including an area with foam ball shooters, which even provided fun for the smallest ones, who spent hours pushing the launch button (at least it felt like hours, but they had plenty of fun!).

We had lots of fun at Fun Zone Island East when we went – on an average Saturday in the summer. It was quiet from 10-11am and when we left for lunch around 12 noon it had filled up. We came back in the late afternoon around 3.30pm and stayed until 6pm, and again, at the end it became quiet so the kids could enjoy all the different areas and try out the toys.

Even during weekends, public holidays and school holidays the prices are fair:

  • Monday to Friday (excluding school & summer holidays): 110HKD for kids up to 12 years / 60HKD for adults
  • All other days: 140HKD for kids / 70HKD for adults

Given that you can play from 10am to 7pm (and on weekends and public holidays the opening hours are extended to 8pm) this is a good price! 

So what is my verdict? Thumbs up

On the plus side: Great price for hours of play – and lots of different areas to explore. It is not too big, so you can actually sit at the side keeping an eye on your kids playing in different areas of the playroom (which is often not possible in the bigger outlets). The kids liked the mix of ball pits, cars to take for a ride and the play houses. We had lots of fun – and it is convenient to get to, next to North Point MTR station.

On the minus side: It is one of the smaller indoor play areas, and it is geared towards smaller kids – but that is totally fine with me, as my kids are still young. I would have wished for more wooden toys (like Accidentaltaitai described when she went there) and more props for the play houses, so maybe that is something that Fun Zone can improve on.

Fun Zone Island East
Shop 209, Marble Gardens Commercial,
33 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong

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