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Children’s Discovery Museum

While visiting Fun Zone in North Point, we noticed the signage for the Children’s Discovery Museum. At that moment, the Children’s Discovery Museum was not open, but it will open its doors on September 19, 2018.

The tickets are 90HKD (weekdays) / 110HKD (weekends/public holidays) for kids up to 12 years and 60HKD (weekdays) / 70HKD (weekends/public holidays) for adults. Senior tickets are also available. The tickets are for a 2.5 hours session and there will be about 3 sessions each day. The museum is closed on Mondays.

We were invited to a sneak preview in August, and so we went on a Sunday morning for 2.5 hours. And let’s just say: compared to museums in Europe, the CDM is small, but it is neat and full of great activities for toddlers and young explorers.

There are four main sections. The one that my kids loved the best is the ‘Our Natural World / Our Consumer World’ section in the middle. This is the one with the water table, where the little ones can explore currents & rapids and create their own waterfalls. Aprons are provided, the floor is anti-slip and the smaller ones can reach the water play area by stepping on different sized stools. So this is well-thought through!

12 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 2018

2 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 20183 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 20184 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 2018Next to the water table is a section about plastic waste (with plastic cups to play with) and about energy consumption. The visitors need to turn off all appliances (in a short amount of time) and once they all work together and achieve this, then music starts to play – and the children jump around happily! My daughter said this is her favourite part.

7 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 2018

Then there is a tree house to explore, as well as a sand pit (which is very clever, you can create mountains and islands – and there is a also a cute digital rain feature, which you’ll have to figure out for yourself, I am not going to disclose what you’ll have to do!), and lots of cupboards and drawers with different objects from our environment, for a full-on sensory experience.

6 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 201811 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 20188 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 2018

At one end of the museum is the ‘Tinkering Lab‘. A great fun factory, where kids can paint windows, play with objectives in the wind, learn about gravity and speed, focus on nature and its patterns – and on the day visited, we spent some time creating our own kaleidoscopes and looking at beautiful patterns.

9 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 201810 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 2018

Then there is also the ‘Transit Tots’ part, which is at the other end of the museum. It is for children up to 3 years. It is a safe place for them to explore different textures, play with lights, listen to children’s nursery rhymes in different languages and even to ride on a sampan and catch some fish.

1 - Children's Discovery Museum - Hong Kong - Aug 2018

Finally, we spent a little bit of time in the ‘Story Stage‘ section – this is where kids can learn about how a movie is made. This involves everything from the story board to the dress up – and I am sure it is great fun for older kids, but my 3 year old only enjoyed the different costumes and dress-up, while my 1.5 year old kept playing hide and seek with me.

The museum is not too big, and we kept switching between the different stations to keep everyone engaged and happy – and we suddenly noticed our time was up! We’ve had lots of fun, there were plenty of staff members around to help the kids realise what the can do at each station/exhibit, and it was very much up to the children to discover each area by themselves. They were encouraged to touch everything and it was a great, creative Sunday morning that we spent together as a family.

So what is my verdict? Thumbs up. What a great, exciting, NEW place for kids to explore that is stimulating, creative and fun!

Don’t forget to bring: your socks and 5 HKD for the locker (which will be returned to you – and in case you don’t have exact change, the friendly staff will assist you). Plus some spare clothes, as you might get wet or stained with (washable) colour.

There is a strict no food and no drink (except water) policy at the venue, but it makes perfectly sense, otherwise the exhibits might be very messy or even broken. There are nursing rooms, changing pads and also stroller parking spaces available, so it is catered for little ones!

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9.30-6.00pm – but you will need to book tickets for the 2.5 hours sessions in advance.

Children’s Discovery Museum
Marble Road, North Point

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