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Hong Kong Disneyland in the run-up to Christmas

Christmas is magical, and so is Hong Kong Disneyland at Christmas time. We went a couple of days ago, and the kids loved it. In fact, we all enjoyed the decorations, which are just marvellous. There are also plenty of happenings to make the visit even more memorable:

(1) Fake snow. Yes it is Hong Kong. No it does not snow here. So the team at Disneyland is blasting foam through the US Main Street once it is dark and when everyone is waiting for the light show and parade. This is truly magical, the kids love it and plenty of adults are also standing around, trying to catch the snowflakes and taking pictures of their ‘snow’ covered hair. It is great fun for everyone.

(2) Around 2pm and 4pm there is a new show that is called ‘Mickey and Friends Christmastime Ball’ with lots of Christmas classic tunes. We sang along to ‘Frosty the Snowman’, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Merry Christmas’ and many others – while Mickey and Minnie welcomed their friends on stage. Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Duffy plus many others joined in. This was fun-filled and great for my kids, as they just love anything with music.

(3) Mickey and Minnie lighting the tree at the US Main Street was the highlight for my daughter. Not only does she love Mickey and Minnie, but she also asked me if we could get such a beautiful tree too!

As there are no fireworks at Disney anymore, the nighttime routine has slightly changed. The pen-ultimate act is a projection show onto the houses in the US Main Street. The theme is Mickey’s 90th birthday with clips from the last 9 decades and of course, the crowd is shouting ‘Happy Birthday Mickey’ numerous times!

The final act is the ‘Paint the Night’ Parade. My son was a little afraid of some of the characters and the loud music, but my daughter loved it. She got to see all her favourite characters again, and the light effects were really nicely done, I especially liked the cowgirls from Toy Story.

We have been to Hong Kong Disneyland numerous times, we love going on the rides and especially the Lion King show, but the Christmas decorations and happenings are truly magical and make a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland really memorable (especially as the Halloween decorations and happenings can be a little too scary for the smaller children, my kids hated the villains parade and could not understand why there where ghosts and skeletons everywhere).

The Christmas theme/attractions are on until January 1, 2019.

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