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Exquisite Christmas miniatures at Times Square

I love the Christmas decorations across Hong Kong, every shopping mall tries to outdo the others – and this time one of my and my children’s favourites is the Exquisite Christmas exhibition at Hong Kong Times Square. It is free of charge, runs from 10am to 10pm until January 1, 2019 and is a beautiful showcase of the craftsmanship of two local miniature artists, Mr. Tony Lai and Ms. Maggie Chan.

Inside the exhibition hall are two rooms, filled with six Hong Kong street scenes from the festive season in the 1980s – plus one German fair ground, with lots of moving parts (including a ferris wheel and a train).

Then there is a scene with a movie theatre – and the very typical food carts outside on the street.

One of the scenes was built by the masters together with their class of 33 – every student built a tiny little shop to feature on the street below. This scene is probably the masterpiece as there is so much to see and explore – from kids playing on the roof, to the firemen looking after their engine and lots of people going Christmas shopping.

Another piece shows a revolving restaurant with a lavish Christmas buffet. Everything has been included, from folded napkins on the plates, to sushi on the buffet table and lots of Christmas decorations everywhere.

In a separate room is a New Year’s eve scene, which looks from the Victoria Harbour over the old Star Ferry pier to the City Hall and Statue Square. Little Star Ferries are moving along the pier and there is a big firework display behind the miniature set. It is really beautiful and so well made.

We have been back to the exhibition a few times now and we can always discover something new. If you go during non-peak hours (e.g. not a weekend afternoon) you can also wait a few minutes and go into the photo booth, to take a picture that makes you look like you are standing inside one of the miniature models.

Times Square
1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

1 thought on “Exquisite Christmas miniatures at Times Square”

  1. Oh my goodness, the first 2 pictures made me so nostalgic I started to cry. I guess I am losing my mind! Somethings must have reminded me of my childhood, that’s the only way I can explain it. Thank you!

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