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Wise Kids Playroom

This post has been long overdue – the Wise Kids Playroom is one of our favourite hangout places. It is what I would call ‘a typical German kindergarten’ setting with lovely wooden toys and furniture, and so much to choose from!

Where shall I start? The Wise Kids Playroom is on the 20th floor of an industrial building in Wong Chuk Hang, and just 5 mins away from the MTR station. It is easy to reach from Admiralty, just two stops on the South Island Line.

There are several play sessions to visit the Playroom – and while this might seem like a downside, the advantage is that each session only holds a set number of kids (it is never too crowded, the space is really big, I thin kit has about 8,000 sq. ft), there are plenty of activities to chose from and the staff members are really lovely, always engaging and playing with the kids.

7- wise kids hong kong8- wise kids hong kong9- wise kids hong kong10- wise kids hong kong

Once you’ve paid the not-so-cheap entrance fee (remember, this is Hong Kong, anything to do with kids is expensive here), sanitised your hands and put on your socks, you are off to play. And every month the set-up of the playroom is totally different.

There is usually a soft play/toy area for the smallest visitors, an arts/crafts corner for the young Picassos, a building site, an area with musical instruments, an area where the kids can play with and look after dolls/animals (with tiny beds, a tiny kitchen, a tiny dress-up area), a reading corner, a dress-up area and the most amazing themed pretend play area.

5- wise kids hong kong4- wise kids hong kong3- wise kids hong kong

The pretend play area can be a Korean restaurant, a jewellery shop, a fire station, a post office, a cha cha teng, a dim sum restaurant – we’ve seen so many different ones, and they are fantastic. My kids love these areas, there are always clothes to try on – and let’s say it is the Korean restaurant, then there will be everything from the restaurant sign and menus, to the rice cooker, kimchi (made out of felt) in the fridge, (empty) drink cans on the shelves, a desk with a registrar – and everything else that you need to run a restaurant. The cutlery, the bowls, the mugs etc. It is really wonderful!

2- wise kids hong kong1- wise kids hong kong6- wise kids hong kong

What is also great is that all the toys are neat, tidy and clean. Before and after each session the toys are being cleaned and put back in place. Everything is fully charged and the toys that make music or have a light will all be working. My little boy loves the cars and trains – because they will all be working and running.

During each session, there will be a sensory event – this is in a separate room, which can be set up to be a disco party room with disco lights, disco music and the glasses/hats/wigs to go with it. Or it could be a fake snow wonderland. Or an underwater world. It is lovely, with lights/sounds and lots to explore!

11- wise kids hong kong12- wise kids hong kong

Also during each session will be a special activity – this could be a game or a craft to do. In the week, there will also be a snack time. So as you can tell, the 90 minutes will pass very quickly and my kids are always very sad to leave Wise Kids Playroom and as soon as we are out of the door, they will ask me when we will visit again!

The sessions run everyday at 9.30am-11.00am, 11.30am-1.00pm, 2.00pm-3.30pm and 4.00pm-5.30pm

The admission price is 198HKD per kid (and includes up to 2 adults) and per session every day – there is the option to buy a day pass for 350HKD, a weekly pass for 980HKD and a monthly pass for 1980HKD.

Check the Facebook fan page, sometimes there are discounts/promotions available.

So what is my verdict? Thumbs up, up, up. This place is what I would consider a typical German kindergarten: neat, clean, with child-appropriate furniture and toys. A safe environment to explore and be creative. With guidance and support from the caring staff members – as much or as little as you need.

It is not cheap, but it is a great experience – for little explorers from about 3 months to 8 years.

For enquiries, please call 2989 6298 or email

Wise Kids Playroom
20/F, Genesis
33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

1 thought on “Wise Kids Playroom”

  1. This is a heaven for children!! I am so happy for you, that Lena and Leo have such wonderful experiences!
    When I remember how pitiful we grew up, during and after the war, this really is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this!!

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