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Mammy Pancake in Causeway Bay

My children love anything and everything that is sweet – and they are big fans of waffles and pancakes. Usually we don’t have the time or patience to wait for our turn at the long queue at Mammy Pancake, but during the last few days we’ve been lucky: the queue was not too long and the waiting time was about 6-8 minutes.

Mammy Pancake is in one of the quieter streets in Causeway Bay, towards the Queen Elizabeth stadium, but just minutes away from Times Square, Hysan Place and Lee Garden. It offers a wide range of egg waffles, which as also called little chicken eggs (a very literal translation).

These are primarily made of egg, flour, sugar and milk. Just like a normal pancake, but what is special about them, is the shape. Lots of little eggs sticking together. They are crispy on the outside but chewy and soft on the inside.

At this little shop, you can order them in many different flavours: the dough can made be out of sweet potato, or flavoured with coffee or green tea. Then there are many sweet fillings to choose from, such as chocolate, banana, red bean or chestnut. Or if you prefer savoury with cheese or salted egg inside.

Our favourite is pretty simple – the standard one filled with banana. It sells for 28 HKD (that’s about the average price at this shop, which is more expensive than some of the simple street food outlets – but then the quality is really good!). Even if it looks quite big, my boy can easily finish it by himself. That’s how much he loves it!

In comparison with other places, I would say that Mammy Pancake has more flavour combinations and the waffle eggs tend to be a little more on the crispier side (which I prefer).

Mammy Pancake
Shop 17, G/F, Leishun Court, 1-5 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: 12pm – 8:30pm Daily


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