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Review: Samsen

Samsen is our long-time favourite Thai restaurant. It is run by Chef Adam Cliff, who left Chachawan, in late 2015 to open this place. Samsen is everything but your average Thai.

It is intimate and small (with only 35 seats, some at the counter) and the menu focuses mainly on boat noodles, stir fries and snacks that are typically sold at hawker stalls throughout Thailand.

Unfortunately, there is a no-reservation policy and you will have to queue. The seating is not very kids-friendly, you have to bring your own portable high chair or hold your child on your lap until he/she is old enough to sit safely on a stool.

But the food is so much worth it. The cooks can adjust the spice level or serve the sauces separately, so the kids can eat the food too.

Our favourite dishes on the current menu are:

    • Papaya salad with the crispy pork belly on top is our favourite but sometimes we also the deep-fried squid with lots of fried garlic on top

    • Deep-fried eggs with chili jam

    • Wok-fried noodles with wagyu beef with egg, Chinese mustard green and wide, flat rice noodles and plenty of sweet oyster sauce mixed in. A dish that transports me back to the small side streets of Bangkok with the little food stalls and lots of different foods to taste. The dish always hits the spot

    • Grilled pork neck as a side, a classic
    • Larb chicken or duck, with salad leaves to wrap the spicy meat

And the coconut ice cream as a dessert. We have tried Adam’s famous coconut dumplings in warm, salted coconut cream on several occasions – but my daughter is a big ice cream fan, hence her request to always order coconut ice cream as a dessert! And for some reason I never manage to snap a picture of the coconut ice cream, as we eat it too quickly!

The food and drink is not cheap – we usually pay around 800HKD for 2 adults and 2 kids (but actually they just share with us, we don’t order separate dishes for them). Nowhere as cheap as it would have been in Thailand, but as this is Hong Kong, it is a fair price – we love the flavour, the fresh ingredients and quirky dishes and always come back for more. 

G/F, 68 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai
12pm-2:30 for lunch
6:30pm-11pm for dinners

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