About bluebalu

I am a food lover, avid reader and keen traveller, who moved to Hong Kong in 2011. In my day-to-day life I work in technology PR and manage international PR campaigns. In my spare time I explore the world around me – through hiking, eating, taking pictures and spending time with my family.

Through this blog I’ve found many new friends, learnt about Hong Kong’s rich history, uncovered places and sights that I’ve might not found otherwise. I’m having an amazing time here and can’t wait to share all my experiences and thoughts on my blog.

About bluebalu


39 responses to “About bluebalu

  1. Hi Ruth,

    A certain someone pointed out your blog and we find it fantastic! Looking at all the pictures, your nice flat and the great surroundings make us want to live there as well… Great to follow what you are up to – keep it up! All the best, Markus & Klara

  2. Hallo Ruth,
    Ich habe gerade eine Postkarte von Ihnen in meinen Briefkasten gefunden, die war fuer Astrid. Ich lebe seit kurzem in die Wohnung 87, In Advent House, Manchester. Wollte Ihnen nur bescheid sagen. Viel Glueck in Hong Kong!

  3. Hello Ruth!

    My girlfriend and I will be working at Discovery College this coming year and this blog is amazing!! We’ve had so many thoughts and questions and your blog really helped shed so much light on our situation. Thank you so much, it really is exactly what we were hoping to find! We’re confident that we’ll live in Discovery Bay and are counting down the days until we arrive (mid-July 2012!!)

    Thanks so much!
    Bruce and Evonne

    • Hi Bruce and Evonne,

      thanks for your lovely note. I really appreciate it.

      Hope that your move goes well, I am sure you will enjoy living in Hong Kong, it’s a great city!

      Have a great day,

  4. I’m SO glad that I found your blog! I was born in Hong Kong but moved to the States nine years ago. This summer will be my first time back in three years, I MISS IT SO MUCH! but at the same time, I feel really unfamiliar with HK now. It feels so nice to be reading your blog entries and finding out about new things and places in HK that I never knew :)

    • Hi Jaycee – that’s great. Let me know of any places that I’ve not been to and that you recommend! There is so much to HK to see and do, but it’s so much nicer to receive recommendations! :) Ruth

  5. Just started following your blog as I lived in Hong Kong twice before, in ’92 to ’96 then again for a short stint in ’98. Both my children were born there and I knew it like the back of my hand back then. I’m interested to see the changes so I’m looking forward to seeing your posts! Cath

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I am writing a post on a Chrysanthemum I planted this spring (Emperor of China Chrysanthemum) and would like to use and link (and credit its source to your blog) a photo of your Double Ninth Festival to my blog. Is that ok with you? Thank you, Christa at cedarmerefarm.blogspot.com

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG :) I have been to Hong Kong 3 times (twice on holidays and once for a month long work stint). My wish is to move to Hong Kong to live and work. I find your blog very inspiring. I love your postings. One day, I hope that we can meet for a milk tea and egg tarts and share our stories. Blessings and Abundance to you.

  8. Hello!

    Just wanted to drop by to say Hi and that I nominated you guys for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. If you are asking me what it’s for..I don’t really know. I have the rules on my blog, but you can also google it for more information.

    Hope you have fun with it!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Great blog I must say. I have been to Thailand and Malaysia for business and tourism purposes and Hong Kong is at top of my list. You blog provides great information about Hong Kong. Best of Luck.

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