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A few weeks ago I finally made it to Aberdeen. It's not far way, just 20 minutes on the bus from Wan Chai, but so far I never had the opportunity to go there. Aberdeen is an area on the south shore of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. In fact the name 'Hong Kong'… Continue reading Aberdeen

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Discovery Bay Plaza North

I've not been posting much about Discovery Bay as such, but as you can guess, I've been busy exploring other corners of Hong Kong. A few days ago I finally managed to get to the other end of Discovery Bay (it's not that far, 10 mins on the bus from the plaza or a 45… Continue reading Discovery Bay Plaza North

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Bird market in Mong kok

Next to the Flower Market is the Bird Market. It is called the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden and hence you can guess the location, it’s on Yuen Po Street. This charming Chinese-style garden is the favoured gathering place of Hong Kong's songbird owners, who carry their beloved pets around in intricately carved cages. Here… Continue reading Bird market in Mong kok

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Military cemetery in Stanley

The second time I visited Stanley I also explored the Stanley military cemetery, which is a bit further down the street, slightly off the beaten track. Stanley Military Cemetery is located near St. Stephen Bay in Stanley, Hong Kong. It is the only military cemetery (aside from the bigger Hong Kong Happy Valley Cemetery) of the… Continue reading Military cemetery in Stanley

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Murray House in Stanley

Murray House is a Victoria-era building in Stanley - and similar to the Blake Pier, it originally stood in Central. It was built in 1846 as officers' quarters of the Murray Barracks. The building was relocated to the south of Hong Kong Island during the 2000s. Architecture Murray House was one of the oldest surviving… Continue reading Murray House in Stanley