The Rolling Stones in Macau

I know, it's now a few days since the Rolling Stones visited Macau, but I was feeling too ill to post about this. Unluckily I had a big bad cold since last Sunday, the day of the concert, so I could not really enjoy the show to the full extent - which is a shame!… Continue reading The Rolling Stones in Macau

Macau, Restaurant Review

Macau: A Lorcha

I don't usually follow tips in travel guides, and if I do I often end up with a mediocre if not bad experience. So I was very wary when we decided to visit A Lorcha, one of the famous (if not the most famous) Portuguese restaurants in Macau. When we arrived at 12:15 for lunch,… Continue reading Macau: A Lorcha

Arts, Exhibitions & Performances, Macau

Macau: Yue Minjun at the Macau Art Museum

Unfortunately the typical Macau itinerary does not include the Macau Art Museum, which is really a gem. It was designed by architect I.M Pei, probably most known for Pyramide du Louvre in Paris, and features exciting exhibitions. Here's a picture looking out from the museum, towards the Grand Lapa Hotel and the Sands Casino. You… Continue reading Macau: Yue Minjun at the Macau Art Museum


Macau: Mandarin’s House (again)

I have been here before - in fact several times. This is my favourite attraction in Macau. I love its history, the clever mix of Western and Eastern architecture and just the calm atmosphere that surrounds this old house. It is visited by tourists, but not by large groups (at least I've never noticed more… Continue reading Macau: Mandarin’s House (again)


Strolling through Macau

After visiting the Sun Yat Sen Memorial House and the Kun Iam Temple we just decided to stroll around Macau. We did not have any further plans that day and just enjoyed a nice afternoon/evening stroll. First up is a very typical sight in Macau - outdoor fitness equipment in bright yellow and red. There… Continue reading Strolling through Macau