Hong Kong

Interview with Inspiring Passions

Blog readers, meet Helen. Helen, meet my blog readers. Today, I'm interviewing Helen from Inspiring Passions - a blog that I just recently stumbled upon, after I was searching for some info on the coffee places that have opened on Swatow Street (not just The Cupping Room, but also Veygo Cafe and Manson's Lot as… Continue reading Interview with Inspiring Passions

Hong Kong

Interview with hongkongfong

It's Monday morning... and I'm hungry again. Why's that? It's because I've been looking at Deb's hongkongfong way too long and now want to go and eat at one of the many places Deb recommended in her 'one year in' post and book at table on the small boot at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter!… Continue reading Interview with hongkongfong