HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: 298 Nikuya Room

Meat-lovers feast... that's probably the best way to describe our dinner at 298 Nikuya Room. The barbecue restaurant had been recommended to us, and we tried it on our weekly date night. It is a mix of Japanese and Korean cooking, that's why you will find kimchi next to wagyu meats on the menu. We… Continue reading Review: 298 Nikuya Room

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: Godenya

Normally I'm one of the last people to try out a new restaurant in Hong Kong, but as soon as I heard about a tucked-away Japanese restaurant with a sensational sake and food pairing menu, I was intrigued. Not only is Godenya hard to find, it is also very hard to book. The restaurant is… Continue reading Review: Godenya

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: 0.5 Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

We've walked past this place in Tin Hau a number of times, it's the sister restaurant of a great Italian in Tin Hau - finally we decided to book a table for a Friday night with our friends Monica and Michael. 0.5 Contemporary Japanese Cuisine is a modern Japanese place, with a stark, modern design… Continue reading Review: 0.5 Contemporary Japanese Cuisine