Photography: Traditional wedding in Tokyo

Immediately after we entered Meiji Jingu we saw a wedding procession walking across the shrine area. We stopped to take some pictures. As we turned around, we noticed the wedding procession walking back - and we took more pictures. Only when we arrived back home did I notice this was not the same wedding procession… Continue reading Photography: Traditional wedding in Tokyo


Tokyo: Sake barrels at Meiji Jingu

Down the path from the main entrance are two racks of ‘offerings’ to the Emperor and Empress. On the right side are beautifully decorated barrels of sake, donated each year for generations. The barrels are called 'kazaridaru', which means decoration barrels, as they are empty. I've read in one of the guide books that in… Continue reading Tokyo: Sake barrels at Meiji Jingu

Hong Kong, Outlying Islands

Photography: Tai O People

What was really amazing in Tai O was the fact that we were there early – not early as in ‘first thing in the morning’, but early as in ‘before the tourists’ arrived. As beautiful as Tai O is, it is a popular tourist destination, often sold in combination with a visit to the Big… Continue reading Photography: Tai O People

HK Island, Hong Kong

What is so unique about Duddell Street?

It took me almost 20 months to figure out that there is something unique about Duddell Street, a small street that I have walked past so many times already... on the way to the Hong Kong Park, back from the Peak tram, a work lunch with Patrick (back in 2011 his office was located in… Continue reading What is so unique about Duddell Street?