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Visit to the Big Buddha

We took the MTR to Tung Chung and then the cable car to the top. We went during the week, so there was not a queue, and we decided to take the standard cabin - so that the kids can enjoy the view, but won't be afraid of the see-through floor of the Crystal Cabin.… Continue reading Visit to the Big Buddha

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Ark Eden in Mui Wo

We've been to Mui Wo several times in the past, but we've never been to Ark Eden. This is an outdoor camp, in the mountains of Lantau. Actually, not sure if I should call it a camp - it is much more than that. The team running it does much more than taking out city… Continue reading Ark Eden in Mui Wo

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5 Tips: Hong Kong Disneyland with a toddler

Disneyland is a little bit further away from where we live, compared to Ocean Park, but it is also a great day out - we just have to pack and plan a little in advance, to make the most out of the visit. Here are a few of my tips to make the visit as… Continue reading 5 Tips: Hong Kong Disneyland with a toddler

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Lamma Fisherfolk’s Village

This was on my bucket to-do list for a while, but only a short while. I had been on Lamma Island back in April when I first learnt about the Fisherfolk's Village, and now it is only May and I have already been there! So what is it? It is a folklore exhibition, showing how… Continue reading Lamma Fisherfolk’s Village

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Lamma Island revisited – this time with a toddler!

Now that we've been to Cheng Chau and enjoyed the little island, we decided to revisit Lamma. We had been a few times, but it had been quite a few years back (here is my first post about Lamma, which summarises the island nicely). This time, we went as a group of four - two… Continue reading Lamma Island revisited – this time with a toddler!

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Cheung Chau Island

I can't believe that Cheung Chau is one of the places I've never been before - I had been so many times to Lamma, Peng Chau and even Po Toi (which is further away and smaller). Anyway, it seems that whenever I had plans to Cheung Chau, the weather changed or it was a public… Continue reading Cheung Chau Island

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Book tip: Hong Kong for Kids

I discovered great titles at the Hong Kong Public Library¬†- one of them is "Hong Kong for Kids - A Parent's Guide". It is by Cindy Miller Stephens and she wrote it after she noticed that there was no such guide around, and she kept asking friends and mums about some recommendations on what to… Continue reading Book tip: Hong Kong for Kids

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Hiking from Tung Chung to Discovery Bay

I've already posted about a number of hikes in and out of Discovery Bay. By far the most popular one is the Mui Wo route, as it is easy to walk and only takes 1.5-2 hours. I've written about it in 2011, when I first came to Hong Kong, then in 2012 when I hiked… Continue reading Hiking from Tung Chung to Discovery Bay

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Hiking: 3 Peaks to the Buddha

This was a very fun but also hard hike - together as a group we decided to tackle the three highest peaks on Lantau all in one go. We started at 8.30am in the morning in Tung Chung and immediately we were climbing up the steps to access the Lantau North Country Park, to reach… Continue reading Hiking: 3 Peaks to the Buddha