Family guide: 48 hours in Macau

Macau is a great location for a trip away from Hong Kong - and it is easy to do with kids. All you need is a passport and some spare time! 1/ How to get there: Macau is just 65km and an hour ferry ride away. It is easy to reach via the frequent ferries… Continue reading Family guide: 48 hours in Macau


Macau: Museum of Macau

The Museum of Macau is based in the Fortress of Macau and shows the way of life and cultures of the various communities that have been inhabited the city for ages. It might be a bit of a walk to get there (especially through the tourist crowds at the St. Paul's ruins) but it is… Continue reading Macau: Museum of Macau


Macau: A-Ma Cultural Village

Another first for me... I've been to Macau many times, but have not explored Coloane much. So after visiting the Pandas at the Seac Pai Van Park, let's head up to the A-Ma Cultural Village via the free shuttle bus (otherwise it might be a 90 minute walk). The cultural complex on the hill top… Continue reading Macau: A-Ma Cultural Village


Macau: Giant Pandas

Did you know that Macau is home to four giant pandas? Not many people are aware of that, and so it was no surprise that when we went and visited one Wednesday in January 2019, hardly any people were visiting this great location. The pandas live in the Seac Pai Van Park, which is in… Continue reading Macau: Giant Pandas

Macau, Restaurant Review

Macau: A Lorcha

I don't usually follow tips in travel guides, and if I do I often end up with a mediocre if not bad experience. So I was very wary when we decided to visit A Lorcha, one of the famous (if not the most famous) Portuguese restaurants in Macau. When we arrived at 12:15 for lunch,… Continue reading Macau: A Lorcha


Macau: Yue Minjun at the Macau Art Museum

Unfortunately the typical Macau itinerary does not include the Macau Art Museum, which is really a gem. It was designed by architect I.M Pei, probably most known for Pyramide du Louvre in Paris, and features exciting exhibitions. Here's a picture looking out from the museum, towards the Grand Lapa Hotel and the Sands Casino. You… Continue reading Macau: Yue Minjun at the Macau Art Museum


Macau: The House of the Mandarin

I love this place. It is my favourite in Macau. The House of the Mandarin is such a beautiful piece of East meets West architecture and it has a rich history. It is the former residence of Zheng Guanying and his father Zheng Wenrui. Zheng Guanying was a member of the literati, who published several… Continue reading Macau: The House of the Mandarin