Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

No trip to Singapore would be completed without visiting the magnificent Gardens by the Bay. I've never had time to do this before, despite being so close (I visited Marina Bay Sands before), so this time I made an extra effort to go there. Gardens by the Bay is a huge park, consisting of three… Continue reading Singapore: Gardens by the Bay


Singapore: Haw Par Villa

The next morning, a quiet but hot Sunday, I figured that I wanted to explore a little bit of Singapore away from the beaten track. I had been to most of the popular tourist areas before, so I asked my colleagues whether there was a quirky, different place that's not too difficult to reach. They… Continue reading Singapore: Haw Par Villa

Arts, Exhibitions & Performances, Singapore

Singapore: Art Museum

Again, again and again - this is my favourite museum to visit in Singapore. Not just because my cat is called Sam (that is just coincidence), but because I love the clever and creative exhibitions. I have been before (during the Biennale) and I'm sure I'll be visiting again. The exhibitions are so much fun… Continue reading Singapore: Art Museum


Singapore: Tiong Bahru Market

After strolling through Tiong Bahru and looking at the architecture, my former colleague took me to the new market, which was reopened in 2006. The old market, which was opened in 1955, was the first modern market to be built in a housing area. Prior to the building of the Market the hawkers were all… Continue reading Singapore: Tiong Bahru Market


48 hours with me in Singapore

Ok, let’s start with a little ad hoc series about travel tips. They are all from my point of view, from an art & food loving person who travels with her husband, friends and sometimes even with her parents – but without kids. Wherever I go, I try and see as much of the local… Continue reading 48 hours with me in Singapore