Singapore: Tiong Bahru

Looking through my pictures on Lightroom I noticed that I still had a series of pictures from a quick visit to Singapore in April 2014, which I’ve never shared on my blog. That’s actually a shame, because the places I’ve went to were very interesting.

Tiong Bahru Singapore 1

Tiong Bahru Singapore 2

The first one was an area called Tiong Bahru. I had already read lots of interesting things about this hip area on other blogs, for instance Anja from the Curly Traveller had written about it just before I went to see the area, but it was actually a former work colleague who offered to meet me there and show me around.

Tiong Bahru Singapore 3

Tiong Bahru Singapore 4

Great, so one hot Saturday lunch time we met in Tiong Bahru, which is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore, built in the 1930s. The estate consists of about 30 apartment blocks that are between two and five stories high, with a total of over 900 units.

Tiong Bahru Singapore 5

Tiong Bahru Singapore 6

The architecture of this area is pretty amazing – it is a mix of different styles, even including shop-house architecture. What I really love about the flats are the rounded balconies and spiral staircases – it looks so different from the standard ‘matchbox style’ estates that are all over Hong Kong!

Tiong Bahru Singapore 7

Tiong Bahru Singapore 8

We kept walking through the area, chatting and talking – until we got too hot and tired. We stopped at the Drips Bakery Cafe for a short break. I didn’t take any pictures inside, but I should have! It’s on 82 Tiong Poh Road #01-05 Singapore 160082 and open every day from 11am onwards until 9.30pm (longer on Fridays and Saturdays).

Tiong Bahru Singapore 9

Tiong Bahru Singapore 10

If you are looking for tips on where to drink coffee or hang out, make sure to check out this very helpful blog post by Ladyironchef too!


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