Hong Kong, New Territories

Tsz Shan Monastery

Tsz Shan Monastery - tucked away and hard to get to. Not just because of its location north of Tai Po Market, but also because you have to book in advance and the number of visitors each day is small. I had tried a few times to reserve tickets, but learnt the hard way that… Continue reading Tsz Shan Monastery

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Art exhibition 2016: Claude Monet

Water lilies in Sha Tin? Sounds unlikely - well, not really. They are in Sha Tin, albeit only for a short amount of time, until July 11, 2016. The current temporary exhibition Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place is a highlight of this year's exhibitions in Hong Kong. Where else can you view 17 original… Continue reading Art exhibition 2016: Claude Monet

Hong Kong, New Territories

Revisited: Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin

It has been almost five years since I've last visited the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, so it was due for a revisit. This time, I took Lina along and therefore I decided to walk up in cool January rather than humid April (like last time). I knew that the path to the monastery is hidden… Continue reading Revisited: Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin

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Review: The Alchemist Mail Cafe

After visiting the beautiful "Wearable Blessings" exhibition we were about to leave the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, when we noticed that the usual grim-looking cafe with very limited food selection had changed. It is now "The Alchemist Mail Café" and not only does it look very cosy, with lots of different seating arrangements, it also… Continue reading Review: The Alchemist Mail Cafe

Arts, Exhibitions & Performances, Hong Kong, New Territories

Exhibition: Wearable blessings at the HK Heritage Museum in Sha Tin

I am always surprised that there are some really good current exhibitions that are often overlooked. One of them is the 'Wearable Blessings' exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The museum is in Sha Tin, so it is a little journey away from the Island but it is so worth it! I have been… Continue reading Exhibition: Wearable blessings at the HK Heritage Museum in Sha Tin

Hong Kong, New Territories

Tai Po Waterfront Park

Our main reason to visit Tai Po was to explore the Tai Po Waterfront Park. I became curious about this park after seeing images of the spiral lookout point and reading many nice things about this park on several blogs, including Rachel's blog Little Koo. We walked to the park from the railway museum via… Continue reading Tai Po Waterfront Park

Hong Kong, New Territories

Man Mo Temple in Tai Po

After the visit to the Hong Kong Railway Museum I walked over to the waterfront park - and on the way to the park, I passed an interesting temple, a Man Mo Temple. Don't confuse this with the Man Mo temple in Hong Kong (the famous one on Hollywood Road). The one on Tai Po… Continue reading Man Mo Temple in Tai Po