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Review: The Alchemist Mail Cafe

After visiting the beautiful "Wearable Blessings" exhibition we were about to leave the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, when we noticed that the usual grim-looking cafe with very limited food selection had changed. It is now "The Alchemist Mail Café" and not only does it look very cosy, with lots of different seating arrangements, it also… Continue reading Review: The Alchemist Mail Cafe

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Exhibition: Wearable blessings at the HK Heritage Museum in Sha Tin

I am always surprised that there are some really good current exhibitions that are often overlooked. One of them is the 'Wearable Blessings' exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The museum is in Sha Tin, so it is a little journey away from the Island but it is so worth it! I have been… Continue reading Exhibition: Wearable blessings at the HK Heritage Museum in Sha Tin

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Tai Po Waterfront Park

Our main reason to visit Tai Po was to explore the Tai Po Waterfront Park. I became curious about this park after seeing images of the spiral lookout point and reading many nice things about this park on several blogs, including Rachel's blog Little Koo. We walked to the park from the railway museum via… Continue reading Tai Po Waterfront Park

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Man Mo Temple in Tai Po

After the visit to the Hong Kong Railway Museum I walked over to the waterfront park - and on the way to the park, I passed an interesting temple, a Man Mo Temple. Don't confuse this with the Man Mo temple in Hong Kong (the famous one on Hollywood Road). The one on Tai Po… Continue reading Man Mo Temple in Tai Po

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Hong Kong Railway Museum in Tai Po

Tai Po is an area that I hadn't explored much. It was long overdue! After reading this book about Hong Kong for kids, I decided to travel to Tai Po. My first stop was at the Hong Kong Railway Museum, which is located at the former KCR Tai Po Market Station. It opened in 1985… Continue reading Hong Kong Railway Museum in Tai Po

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Book tip: Hong Kong for Kids

I discovered great titles at the Hong Kong Public Library - one of them is "Hong Kong for Kids - A Parent's Guide". It is by Cindy Miller Stephens and she wrote it after she noticed that there was no such guide around, and she kept asking friends and mums about some recommendations on what to… Continue reading Book tip: Hong Kong for Kids

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Hong Kong Wetland Park

The Hong Kong Wetland Park was always on my to do list, after reading about it on Webs of Significance, Little Koo and Munky's Travel. Finally, this Easter, I was able to tick it off my list! It was a very hot Sunday when we went and visited the Wetland Park and of course, it… Continue reading Hong Kong Wetland Park