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Eddie Lau and Bruce Lee at the Sha Tin Heritage Museum

It is a little further away from Central, but it is definitely worth the trip. What am I talking about? The Sha Tin Heritage Museum. I have been a few times now and I always enjoyed it.

For instance, the Fabergé exhibition last year was real eye-candy. In 2013 the highlight was the Eddie Lau exhibition, which I managed to visit at the end of the year.

Eddie Lau is one of the best-known names in the fashion industry that is closely associated with Hong Kong. He made haute couture dresses for celebrities, costumes for the Canto pop star Anita Mui and is still designing the uniforms for Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair.

Until January 13, 2014 there was a big exhibition in the Sha Tin Heritage Museum dedicated to his life and work. I was lucky to visit it (on a very busy Saturday) so I took a few pictures. I specially loved the dresses that he created for Anita Mui, where he combined music with fashion. All those pictures in my post are from this part of the exhibition.

Eddie Lau Heritage Museum Sha Tin 1

Eddie Lau Heritage Museum Sha Tin 2

Eddie Lau Heritage Museum Sha Tin 3

If you want to find out more about the exhibition and see some stunning photos, head over to Anja’s blog post on Curly Traveller, not only did she take many great shots, she was so lucky to see Eddie Lau there too!

Funnily enough, we both agree that the Eddie Lau exhibition was our personal highlight (here is another nice post about it)- but the one exhibition that I had went to see that day was actually the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu Art Life exhibition. It runs until July 2018, so there is plenty of time to see it. It is not that big either, but what makes it interesting are all the video snippets and documentary films about his life.

Bruce Lee exhibition 1

I’ve never watched a Bruce Lee movie (shame on me) and I didn’t know much about his life, so it was very interesting to find out how he got involved into martial arts and founded his own system, Jeet June Do. The exhibition includes lots of artefacts of his life, some lovely pictures of him dancing cha cha cha and interesting quotes by people that have met him.

Bruce Lee exhibition 2

Unfortunately it has a very strict NO PHOTO policy so I can’t show you any pictures from the show – which really is a shame. I guess you have to go for yourself now! :)

Bruce Lee exhibition 3

However, there is a good brochure that you receive when you enter the exhibition – and I took the pictures from the post from there.

Bruce Lee exhibition 4


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