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Reveal and M+ at ArtisTree in Tai Koo

An almost unknown but very creative exhibition space is ArtisTree in Tai Koo. ArtisTree is a pun for the original word “Artistry” which means “artistic workmanship, effect or quality, artistic ability”. I’ve been there a few times, first to see the Frank Gehry exhibition about the Opus building and then to see Reveal.

ArtisTree Reveal 3

Reveal was a show by the Hong Kong Architects to reveal their inner space through their artworks. The theme was to show, display, exhibit, disclose, uncover, unveil, to bring to light, lay bore, unearth and expose…

ArtisTree Reveal 1

ArtisTree Reveal 2

ArtisTree Reveal 4

…and this is what it did. It was a stunning show (shame that it closed already on December 27, 2013) and it was not about art, but forms that people can interact, experience and live in.

Currently there is also an interesting show, which I hope to visit soon. It’s about M+, the future exhibition space built by Swiss architectural practice Herzog & de Meuron with Hong Kong-based TFP Farrells and Ove Arup & Partners HK. The scheduled completion date is in late 2017 and until February 9 you can visit ArtisTree to see some models and blueprints. Wanderlister has been already, and it looks fascinating!


2 thoughts on “Reveal and M+ at ArtisTree in Tai Koo”

  1. Yes! I randomly stumbled across this place last week. A cool gallery in a very ungallery-like location.

    The M+ exhibition is actually pretty good. Lots of videos and models of what it will look like. Also lots of other cool stuff about the development of Hong Kong through its architecture – Kowloon Walled City, the old Peak Tower etc. Plus, a print of Andreas Gursky’s HSBC photo. Nice!

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