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Edward Ho’s travel journal in watercolour

One of the most amazing artworks that I’ve seen recently was at the Reveal exhibition at ArtisTree. One of the architects that showed his skill is Edward S. T. Ho – and he is an amazing watercolour painter.

It is quite unbelievable that he only started to paint in 2009 when you see his artwork. At Reveal he displayed four travel diaries and they were breathtaking. Every page contains a small artwork and a few words to capture the beauty or uniqueness of the place he visited.

In Sri Lanka he captured temples, boats, elephants but also dishes he tried and details he noticed (this could be anything from a detailed window frame to the knots tying a skirt together).

Travel diaries Edward Ho 1

Travel diaries Edward Ho 2

In Bhutan, he captured the scenery, animals and people – and just in a few, but very precise strokes. Almost like a photograph.

Travel diaries Edward Ho 3

Travel diaries Edward Ho 4

His first solo exhibition of his watercolour paintings was in March 2013 at the Exhibition Gallery of Hong Kong City Hall in March 2013. It’s a shame I missed it – I’ll keep my eyes open to see when his next exhibition is due. In the meantime, I will try and get a copy of his book ‘Watercolour Journey‘.


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