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Hiking: Arriving at Starling Inlet (Part 3)

This is the third and final part of our hike, which started on Chi Sum Road (here’s the first part and the second part).

End of hike in Shenzen 1

After 12km hiking we reached the Tai Wan Bay. This is at the Starling Inlet, which is a bay in the North-East of Hong Kong.

End of hike in Shenzen 2

The whole body of water falls within the Closed Area and generally restricted to local residents. The Frontier Closed Area is an area in Hong Kong extended inwards from the border with China. For anyone to enter the area a Closed Area Permit is required.

End of hike in Shenzen 3

So we are actually really close to China at this point, we can see the outskirts of Yantian on the other side, but I would not be allowed to just walk around the bay to get there. I would need a visa to enter China.

End of hike in Shenzen 4

It’s a lovely remote area of Hong Kong, and a great place to watch birds. Apparently, Starling Inlet is a tidal bay that contains the largest egretry in Hong Kong. Between late March and August, six species of herons and egrets bred in this area – we saw quite a few birds, but I could not tell the different species (if there were any) apart.

End of hike in Shenzen 5

A final glance back to the bay – and then our 14km hike was finished. It was an amazing hike, lots to see and experience, including great food and company!

End of hike in Shenzen 6


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