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Food stall and mangroves

During our hike in the New Territories we passed many abandoned village houses and empty houses – there were no places to recharge your batteries by eating a snack and having a drink.

Food stall during hike 1

However, shortly before we hit the Starling Inlet, we finally passed a little food stall that was open and in business.

Food stall during hike 2

At the stall you could purchase soft drinks and tea plus different local specialties. I saw some deep fried sweet potato slices, some red bean cake and of course, the obligatory fish balls. You can get them everywhere in Hong Kong.

Food stall during hike 3

There were a few tables and chairs next to the food stall, the ones in the sun were all occupied, there were quite a few hiker around. However, those in the shade where empty.

Food stall during hike 4

Along the shoreline we saw quite a few mangrove trees. Mangroves are one of the coastal natural phenomena seen in river mouth zones in subtropical areas They can been found on muddy “wetlands” of loose and moist soil.

Mangroves 1

Before Hong Kong was developed, mangroves were luxuriant on its coastlines and mudflats. However due to disturbance brought by human, the original mangrove shrubs are disappearing.

Mangroves 2

In Hong Kong, mangroves can be usually found in the west. The tides and waves are relatively weaker and substratum of alluvia can be formed easier. There are also small mangrove bushes in the south and the east of Hong Kong.


2 thoughts on “Food stall and mangroves”

  1. “Self-made shan-shui tofu dessert and soy milk”. Sounds delicious!
    I’m always amazed at how green and biodiverse NT is. Didn’t get out of Kowloon much as a kid.

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