Hong Kong, New Territories

Soft tofu dessert

After our Poon Choi lunch in the Lai Chi Wo Hakka village I tried one of their specialties for dessert: Douhua, which is very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding and soybean pudding.

Soft tofu dessert in Lai Chi Wo 1

The old ladies in the village made it in a big pot and sold it in a bowl for 8 HKD. They sprinkled orange sugar on it (it does not have a specific taste, it just tastes like regular sugar) and the sugar melted immediately with the liquid of the tofu, creating an orange syrup.

Soft tofu dessert in Lai Chi Wo 2

The tofu was really silky and creamy – a nice dessert, just a little too much after our big lunch! I could have done with a smaller portion, given that we had another 8km of our hike still ahead of us!

Soft tofu dessert in Lai Chi Wo 3


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