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Tuen Mun Playground

This has been on our to do list since the playground opened in Dec 2018… it is a new, first barrier-free play space for children in Hong Kong, which features water and sand play areas.

What is a great idea, and should be available in many parks (but is not) has been realised in this park, which provides diversified inclusive play facilities for children of different ages and abilities to play together. It is really nicely done, we all enjoyed it – BUT it is way too busy.

We went on an average Wednesday afternoon and it was packed… It was hard to keep track of our kids and while we were three adults and three toddlers (plus one baby) we really were challenged in following them around and making sure we don’t lose them.

We didn’t even go to the swing area (there were long queues already) but headed straight to the climbing tower and slides, which was a hit with everyone. But it was so packed, it was really hard to climb and there were people everywhere – the noise level was tiring.

1- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 20192- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 2019

The sand pit next to it is lovely – there is even a raised table for wheelchair users to play with sand. There is also a cleaning lady constantly sifting through the sand to clean it, and I’ll bet you she will be good at finding lost items too! There are some dinosaur eggs to discover, and the kids are keen to dig them out and hide them again.

4- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 20195- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 2019

We didn’t dwell much in the trampoline area (again it was soo busy) but we discovered that the water play area was rather quiet. We had been prepared with spare clothes and towels, so we let our kids run around the water fountains freely – it was warm enough at 25 degrees! It seems not many other parents were fond of their kids getting wet, so our kids had the big flower fountains almost to themselves, which was great.

7- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 20199- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 2019

The water table was a bit more busy, but again, there was room for our kids to play there – and if there were too many kids around, ours moved to the music area and played with the steel drums and xylophone.

The water/music area was great fun and we stayed there for the longest time during our three hour visit – we just had enough time in the end, to explore the reptile house next to it. The reptile house was fun, because the animals (mainly turtles, lizards and snakes) were all very active late in the afternoon – so there was much to see!

10- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 201911- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 20198- Tuen Mun Park - Feb 2019

After some more free play and running around in the park, we left and took the West Rail MTR line back, which is just next to the Tuen Mun Park. So it is actually easy to get there, with public transport.

If you head to the play area, be prepared that EVERYONE wants to go there as it is such a nice and different playground for Hong Kong. So do keep an eye on your children and belongings, and be ready for lots of screams and laughter around you.

Also what to bring?

  • insect spray as the sand flies were really aggressive at the swing area
    a towel and spare clothes for kids that explore the water and sand areas
  • plenty of water and snacks to replenish the energy levels (you can buy some at the MTR station next to the park, but we didn’t see any kiosk in the park)
    sunscreen and umbrellas, there is not much shade at the playground on hot sunny days

Finally, try to put bright coloured clothes on your child, so he/she is easier to spot. Next time my kids will wear neon orange clothes so I can find them quickly!

Tuen Mun Playground
Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun
Open every day except Monday mornings between 7am and 1pm (if Monday is a public holiday, the maintenance will be carried out the following weekday)


1 thought on “Tuen Mun Playground”

  1. Das ist einfach toll! Warum haben wir so was nicht? 😰😰. Es ist ja so gut für Kinder. Wünschte ich wäre wieder klein 7nd könnte dort spielen! Haha

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