Singapore: House Fronts

After strolling through Tiong Bahru and enjoying a nice meal and a good coffee, I bid good-bye to my friend and walked around China town and Duxton road, exploring my surroundings.

Singapore House Fronts 1

Singapore House Fronts 2

It was a nice walk, the sun had came through and it was a blue-sky afternoon. I just walked around, looking at all the houses in their bright colours.

Singapore House Fronts 3

Singapore House Fronts 4

I know that I’ve done a blog post before that focuses on all the great colours in the streets of Singapore, but looking through my pictures, I felt another one was overdue, don’t you think?

Singapore House Fronts 5

Singapore House Fronts 6


4 thoughts on “Singapore: House Fronts”

    1. Have you seen the old pictures of Hong Kong – just back in the 1950s Wan Chai used to have lots of nice shop houses.Not as colorful as the Singaporean ones, but still! Now, almost all are gone :(

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