Singapore: House Fronts

After strolling through Tiong Bahru and enjoying a nice meal and a good coffee, I bid good-bye to my friend and walked around China town and Duxton road, exploring my surroundings. It was a nice walk, the sun had came through and it was a blue-sky afternoon. I just walked around, looking at all the… Continue reading Singapore: House Fronts


Ainokura gassho-zukuri houses

We travelled from Takayama one hour on a bus to reach the Gokayama region. This region is famous for its traditional gassho-zukuri houses, which have survived for hundreds of years because the region's secluded location in the upper reaches of the Shogawa river. This is also the reason that Gokayama's lifestyle and culture remained very… Continue reading Ainokura gassho-zukuri houses