Hong Kong

Hong Kong Racing Museum

I thought I had seen it all, but I clearly had not - there are still a few museums on my to do list (especially after reading the Hong Kong guide for kids). One of the museums I never knew existed was the Hong Kong Racing Museum. As the name implies, it is in Happy… Continue reading Hong Kong Racing Museum

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Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

I've been visiting the Maritime Museum several times since it moved to the very convenient central location next to the Star Ferry. I really enjoy their exhibition - and I had fun visiting their current special exhibition called 'Made in Hong Kong'. This exhibition is all about what makes Hong Kong unique - and it… Continue reading Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

HK Island, Hong Kong

Art exhibition: From Soya Bean Milk to Puer Tea at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

I really enjoy visiting museums in Hong Kong - not only are they very affordable (some are completely free of charge, others just cost 10-20 HKD per person) but they also put great exhibitions on display. This time I visited the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in the Hong Kong Park. The museum puts… Continue reading Art exhibition: From Soya Bean Milk to Puer Tea at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

HK Island, Hong Kong

Fireboat Alexander Grantham

While we were in Tai Koo (and ate at Toast Box...) we decided to visit the Fireboat Alexander Grantham. This might not be your typical sight to visit in Hong Kong, but it is actually I really nice exhibit that is (1) free of charge (2) easy to access from an MTR station and (3)… Continue reading Fireboat Alexander Grantham

HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum

After visiting the St. Stephen's College Heritage Trail we crossed the street to the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum. This free-entry, two-floor museum showcases 170 years of crime and punishment in Hong Kong. It traces the transformation of the Hong Kong penal system from the original punishment-as-a-deterrent model to the current approach that promotes rehabilitation.… Continue reading Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum

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Taipei: National Palace Museum

Of course, we also visited the famous National Palace Museum in Taipei - which is probably one of the top two sightseeing destinations (together with Taipei 101) in the city. Everyone goes there to see the largest collection of priceless Chinese artefacts and artwork in the world, including ancient bronze castings, calligraphy, scroll paintings, porcelain,… Continue reading Taipei: National Palace Museum

HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

For a really strange and bizarre reason I thought I had blogged about this already - the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. But when I looked through my posts this year, I could not find it. I must have dreamt that I had already written about it! So here is it, the forgotten-to-write-about-this-in-April blog post about… Continue reading Hong Kong Maritime Museum

HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

I've always said that I wanted to visit the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, but I could not find anyone to join me. Patrick said it will be boring, my colleagues told me it's too far away (which is not true, it's just not in Causeway Bay or TST, where everyone seems to be… Continue reading Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence


More gassho-zukuri houses in Shirakawa-go

After our brief visit to Ainokura we travelled to Shirakawa-go, the largest village with gassho-zukuri houses. We first stopped at the Shiroyama Tenshukaku view point to glance over the village with its old style houses with those large triangular roofs. It is a very pretty sight, all year round. Probably even more so in autumn… Continue reading More gassho-zukuri houses in Shirakawa-go