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City Gallery Museum

City Gallery is an exhibition centre about the planning and development of Hong Kong. It is located at Edinburgh Place in Central - and I only stumbled upon it by sheer luck. We went to see a photography exhibition at the City Hall and that's when we noticed the City Gallery next door. It is… Continue reading City Gallery Museum

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TramOramic Tour

I was recently invited on a sightseeing trip of a very different style - not on a bus or boat, but on a tram. Hong Kong Tramways has just launched the TramOramic Tour, which is a 1-hour sightseeing journey aboard a unique 1920s style tram with authentic tales of local life. A few days ago… Continue reading TramOramic Tour

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Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan

Now with a baby and a stroller, I'm trying to navigate my way around Hong Kong. And let me tell you, it is not easy. There are too many steps, narrow aisles and uneven pavements everywhere. It is not fun to take a stroller out. However, I am making an effort to find some routes… Continue reading Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan

Arts, Exhibitions & Performances, HK Island, Hong Kong

Art exhibition: The Art of Qiu Deshu at Pearl Lam Galleries

One of my favourite past times is to stroll through the Pedder Street Building and visit the various galleries... and every time I do this, I discover some great artwork that I have not been familiar with. One recent example is the art of Qui Deshu, an artists from Shanghai, who has been producing great… Continue reading Art exhibition: The Art of Qiu Deshu at Pearl Lam Galleries

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Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

I've been visiting the Maritime Museum several times since it moved to the very convenient central location next to the Star Ferry. I really enjoy their exhibition - and I had fun visiting their current special exhibition called 'Made in Hong Kong'. This exhibition is all about what makes Hong Kong unique - and it… Continue reading Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

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Review: Dim Sum at Maxim’s Palace

There is probably NO guide book that does NOT mention the famous Maxim's Palace in Hong Kong's City Hall... but it took me more than four years to give this famous place a go. And the only reason we went is that we were next door at the City Gallery and when we finished walking… Continue reading Review: Dim Sum at Maxim’s Palace

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Sunny days in Hong Kong

Apologies for my blogging absence - the nice and sunny weather was to blame! I have been to busy exploring and enjoying Hong Kong! We had particularly bad weather after the Chinese New Year. March was windy, grey and rainy. But April has been fantastic - the month allowed me to go out a lot… Continue reading Sunny days in Hong Kong