HK Island, Hong Kong

Another Walk Along the Hong Kong Waterfront

I just love walking along the Victoria Harbour - there is always so much to see and discover, especially on nice, clear, blue-sky days like we had a few in February this year. Usually I walk along the Hong Kong Island side of the harbour, just because that's where we live. That's also more convenient… Continue reading Another Walk Along the Hong Kong Waterfront

HK Island, Hong Kong

Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan

Now with a baby and a stroller, I'm trying to navigate my way around Hong Kong. And let me tell you, it is not easy. There are too many steps, narrow aisles and uneven pavements everywhere. It is not fun to take a stroller out. However, I am making an effort to find some routes… Continue reading Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan


Strolling through Macau

After visiting the Sun Yat Sen Memorial House and the Kun Iam Temple we just decided to stroll around Macau. We did not have any further plans that day and just enjoyed a nice afternoon/evening stroll. First up is a very typical sight in Macau - outdoor fitness equipment in bright yellow and red. There… Continue reading Strolling through Macau


Kyoto: Night falls at Kamo River

After strolling through Gion the night was falling. We walked over the bridge at Kamo River, which is popular with residents and tourists. A few people were walking along and sitting next to the pathways running alongside the river. The water level of the river was quite low, but we enjoyed the reflections of the… Continue reading Kyoto: Night falls at Kamo River