HK Island, Hong Kong

Another Walk Along the Hong Kong Waterfront

I just love walking along the Victoria Harbour – there is always so much to see and discover, especially on nice, clear, blue-sky days like we had a few in February this year.

Usually I walk along the Hong Kong Island side of the harbour, just because that’s where we live. That’s also more convenient right now, as there is so much building work on the Kowloon/TST side. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is closed for years (until 2018 at least) and so is the Avenue of Stars.

Hong Kong Waterfront February 2016-1

My preferred route is from the new Tamar building and park along the waterfront, using the Central Waterfront Promenade. To date it still only runs between Wan Chai and Central, it stops short before the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (and it is a big building site there).

Hong Kong Waterfront February 2016-3

Hong Kong Waterfront February 2016-5

It is a short walk (which you can extend to Sheung Wan) and it is one that I enjoy – usually there is something new to discover or old to rediscover. This time, the new item is the purple tent of Udderbelly (it is an upside-down purple cow) which took up residence in Hong Kong from December 2015 to February 2016 and hosted lots of different shows and events, for the old and young.

Hong Kong Waterfront February 2016-2

Hong Kong Waterfront February 2016-4


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