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Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan

Now with a baby and a stroller, I’m trying to navigate my way around Hong Kong. And let me tell you, it is not easy. There are too many steps, narrow aisles and uneven pavements everywhere. It is not fun to take a stroller out. However, I am making an effort to find some routes that are easy to access with a stroller, so Lina can enjoy a ride outside.

One such route is along the Central Waterfront Promenade. I noticed that I had posted about it ages ago, and since then much has improved or changed. The whole project is not yet completed (it will take years to build the tunnel and then a walkway above it) so nowadays the best way to walk is to start from the Tamar building in Admiralty.

You can actually start from the HK Performing Arts building in Wan Chai, but then you are walking a long a building site and all you can see is construction wall and hear the noise of the traffic. That is not nice for you or your little one.

So it’s better to start the walk from the Tamar area, which is the site of the Central Government Offices headquarters (and it used to be the former location of the naval basin attached to the headquarters of the British Forces Overseas Hong Kong). If you come from Admiralty, you can take an elevator up from the Admiralty Centre (or there is one next to Tamar too).

Tamar Park August 2015-1

Then walk over the footbridge (which used to be the heart of Occupy Central and the Umbrella Movement), look at the interesting artwork (you can sit on the bench or the leaf) and then walk over to the waterfront.

Tamar Park August 2015-2

Tamar Park August 2015-3

Tamar Park August 2015-4

On your way you will pass a nice patch of green grass – one of the few in Hong Kong, where you can just spread your blanket and have a picnic. The only downside is that there is not much shade as there are only a few trees.

Once you reach the waterfront, gaze over to the other side… hopefully it is a nice clear day. Then turn towards the left and walk along towards Central.

Victoria Harbour August 2015-1

The path is even, so that’s why it is stroller-friendly, and if you walk slowly you’ll reach the Central Ferry Piers 9 and 10 in about ten minutes.

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 6

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 1

From there it is only a few steps away to the Maritime Museum, which has a great baby/kid-friendly cafe on the top level.

Maritime Museum hong Kong 1

Maritime Museum hong Kong 3

Cafe 8 Maritime Museum

Then you can just continue your walk along the ferry piers, until you reach the Macau ferry terminal. That’s when it get’s a bit tricky. Either stop at the Central Ferry Pier 1 and turnaround – or you have to go up one level, through the Macau ferry terminal, down the other side and then you can go along the waterfront to reach the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park.

Tamar to Central Ferry Piers Walks

The walk from Tamar to the Central Ferry Pier 1 is about 1.6km, and if you continue to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park it is 3.1km all together.


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  1. I have been sharing some of your blogs with my face book friends. They find them interesting and informative! Thank you. Give Lina a busserl von mir! Elfriede

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