HK Island, Hong Kong

Central Ferry Piers 9 and 10

Despite all the Christmas decorations… it’s still very mild in Hong Kong. We still have temperatures around 20 degrees with amazing blue sky and sunshine. The weather is better now than it was in May and June this year.

On the first December weekend I was walking around the Central Ferry Piers and decided to walk further than the Star Ferry Pier 7 and the Maritime Museum on Pier 8 to see what has happened on the water front… that’s when I came to the public piers 9 and 10.

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 1

That’s where some of the junk trips depart and I believe I’ve seen the Aqua Luna or the Duk Ling there too. However, when I visited it was empty – well, in terms of boats and ships it was. But not empty of people, however there were only a few.

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 2

I met a few elderly men fishing in the harbour (I’m still surprised that there are actually real fish living in the harbour) and having a chat.

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 6

Others were just sitting there, on a bench, and reading a newspaper. One of the men was actually sunbathing – it was nice and warm that day.

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 4

I quite like the arrangement of the two men on this picture, just a shame that there was this big column and empty space in the middle…

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 5

… and given it was a Sunday, I was not surprised to see a few helpers at the pier, enjoying their day off. What I was not expecting to see was a mobile make-up studio, they had brought all their eyeliners, eye shadows, lip gloss and much more with them. It was fun watching them style each other – they all picked very dramatic make-up!

Public Ferry Pier Hong Kong 3


4 thoughts on “Central Ferry Piers 9 and 10”

  1. Just the sort of post I like; strolling around on a very normal day, watching normal people do normal things. Yet having the right eyes, camera and mindset to see the beauty in all that. Cool! Tx for the sundaystroll;-)

    1. Thanks Anja – that’s very kind of you! I was lucky that day, the weather was nice and there were some interesting characters. It was just a shame that I was rushing to an appointment, otherwise I would have been able to linger around… hope all is well in Singapore with you! Your flat move sounds exhausting!

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