Hong Kong

Interview with HK Hunter

I enjoyed the treasure hunt to Sai Kung so much that I decided to ask Stanley a few questions about how he organises the hunts.


He was kind enough to answer them for me:

Why did you decide to organise the treasure hunts?
Except for the orientation day in the university, there is no similar treasure hunt activity in Hong Kong. I wanted to do something special and that’s why I created the group.

Treasure Hunt Fortress Hill 4

How many different routes do you currently offer?
1) Fortress Hill to Tsim Sha Tsui
2) Quarry Bay to Chai Wan
3) Tseung Kwan O to Sai Kung
4) Yau Tong to Kowloon Bay
5) Choi Hung to Kowloon Tong

Treasure Hunt Fortress Hill 3

How much preparation goes into planning one route?
It takes a minimum of 5 days to organise a route:
1-2 days for idea generation
1-2 days for site visit
1-2 days for research
1-2 days for slide preparation
1-2 days for materials/gifts preparation

Treasure Hunt Fortress Hill 5

Are you planning to add new routes for 2014?
Yes, I am planning to add 2-3 routes in 2014.

Treasure Hunt Fortress Hill 2

What has been the best moment so far, of organising those treasure hunts?
The best moment is that people become closer to each other – they develop the strategy together and share their interests and stories with each other. The whole atmosphere is fantastic. Some of them (from different teams) will also go for drink/dinner afterwards and become friends.

Treasure Hunt Fortress Hill 1

What has been the feedback from the locals, they must be surprised to see groups running around, chasing for clues and taking pictures of clocks at certain times.
I really don’t know what the local people think. Actually this group is quite low profile and not many people in Hong Kong know about the group and the treasure hunt game…

Let’s hope this changes, as it’s a great way to explore Hong Kong and meet new people. If you want to find out more about the treasure hunts, check out HK Hunter on MeetUp as well as the HK Hunter Facebook page.


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