HK Island, Hong Kong

TramOramic Tour

I was recently invited on a sightseeing trip of a very different style - not on a bus or boat, but on a tram. Hong Kong Tramways has just launched the TramOramic Tour, which is a 1-hour sightseeing journey aboard a unique 1920s style tram with authentic tales of local life. A few days ago… Continue reading TramOramic Tour

HK Island, Hong Kong

Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan

Now with a baby and a stroller, I'm trying to navigate my way around Hong Kong. And let me tell you, it is not easy. There are too many steps, narrow aisles and uneven pavements everywhere. It is not fun to take a stroller out. However, I am making an effort to find some routes… Continue reading Walk from Tamar to Sheung Wan

HK Island, Hong Kong

Bread Baking Class at the Mixing Bowl

I am not a big baker but I do enjoy a night out baking with friends. Knowing how dedicated Kyle and Victor from The Mixing Bowl in Sheung Wan (see my previous Macaron baking class and my interview with the talented two bakers) are, I keep an eye on their calendar to see if there… Continue reading Bread Baking Class at the Mixing Bowl

HK Island, Hong Kong

Strolling through Sheung Wan in January

After exploring some recent art exhibitions in Central we continued our stroll through Sheung Wan. I really love this area, it is so nice with little shops and studios. It has great character with all the old houses and little streets, I really hope it continues to stay like this and don't get too commercialised… Continue reading Strolling through Sheung Wan in January

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: ABC Kitchen

It has taken me such a long time to visit this famous place - I've almost lived three years in Hong Kong and just a few weeks ago it was my first visit to the ABC Kitchen (and I had read so much about it here, here and here). Needless to say that I have… Continue reading Review: ABC Kitchen

HK Island, Hong Kong

Wing Lee Street

Finally, I'm back in Hong Kong ... and the weather has cooled down. It's now so much nicer to stroll around Hong Kong, without having to carry lots of water and a towel with you! Last weekend I walked through Sheung Wan, just strolling around the streets until I found Wing Lee Street. This is… Continue reading Wing Lee Street

HK Island, Hong Kong

Fish lanterns in Sheung Wan

I know - the mid-autumn festival is officially over (and it has been long gone, since two weeks already). However, the other day when I was strolling through Sheung Wan, I saw these colorful lanterns hanging in the entrance of a residence building. They looked fun - nice and colorful against the dark colours and… Continue reading Fish lanterns in Sheung Wan