HK Island, Hong Kong

Graffiti in Sheung Wan

Here are just a few pictures of some of the graffiti and stencils in Sheung Wan, there are many more and they keep changing almost every day.

Graffiti in Sheung Wan 1

I picked those that I like the most – starting with this camera shot, which Patrick actually has as his wallpaper on his phone right now.

Graffiti in Sheung Wan 2

Then there is this little kitten, who could be a playmate for our Sam. I always wonder how Sam would get along with another cat, given that he’s surrounded by only humans.

Graffiti in Sheung Wan 3

Finally, some fun house fronts – they are colourful, and actually pretty big if you see the people walking next to it.

Graffiti in Sheung Wan 4

Graffiti in Sheung Wan 5


5 thoughts on “Graffiti in Sheung Wan”

  1. Hi Ruth, It’s really surprising and striking how ur and mine blogpost topics are alike. I also walked there and me too I looked for graffity. I photographed the large one on G.O.D. shop wall. Gonna post about it in the next weeks or so. I did not see the kitty (love that one!) and found it quite hard to run into a lot of graffity in HK. I went to this graffity artist exhibit called Neon Golden and talked to the galleria girls for info on good locations to find graffity and murals.
    Since it were my last days in HK I had no time to follow up upon their tips, but will write more about in in my post-to-come.

    1. Shame to hear that you are leaving Hong Kong – hope you had a great stay here! I’m curious to see your graffiti pictures, you must have found nice ones too if you had insider information! :)

  2. Hey, just stumble upon your blog. May I know where are exactly these murals? Tai Phing San St? Would love to visit there during my visit to HK next month :)

    1. The big one with the colorful houses is on Graham Street. I believe, the camera was around Shing Wong Street of Hollywood Road – but I don’t know where I found the cat. It must have been around Tai Ping Shan Street somewhere – enjoy your visit to HK! I’m keen to see what graffiti you’ll discover!

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