HK Island, Hong Kong

Strolling through Sheung Wan in October

A few days ago I grabbed my camera and just walked through Sheung Wan. I really love this part of Hong Kong, with its small streets, narrow alleys and stairs that run up and down the area.

There are so many little shops. Some are stuffed full with products to buy – like this little one. It is so full of antiques that the owner decided to display some of the chairs on the street.

Antique shop in Sheung Wan

Other shops are little galleries that follow a minimalistic approach, just a few items are on display – those shops are often very modern, elegant and clear cut.

Art gallery in Sheung Wan

It is a stark contrast to some of the old workshops in the area. There is even a tiny backstreet barber, which is similar to the one that Patrick likes to go to in Causeway Bay. This one is behind Hollywood Road – if you walk from Central to Sheung Wan, just turn left before Classified/Press Room and then look on your right hand side. Patrick has not tried this barber shop, but it seems popular, men were queuing for it.

Hair dresser in Sheung Wan

A few streets further, there was this old men selling a few items just on the pavement – an impromptu flea market. I’ve seen a few like this across Hong Kong, it’s sad – people trying to earn a small extra amount of money because their pensions or savings are too little to sustain a living in Hong Kong. They collect items from people that throw them out or donate and sell them for a small amount.

Flea market in Sheung Wan

There are also a few small green shop stalls in the area – when they are open they increase in size, it’s unbelievable what the small stalls can hold. They often sell flowers, fruit, vegetables but also offer key cutting services or repair shoes. However, it was a Sunday when I walked passed this stall, and it was closed. Someones was having a good rest next to it, I wonder if that was the shop owner?

Sleeping shop vendor in Sheung Wan


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