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MoonTrekker 2013

It’s the time of year again… the MoonTrekker event is coming up again (here’s is last year’s blog post about the event). I spent last Saturday supporting the organisers handing out the race kits and encouraging all the racers and hikers that they can do it.

If you’ve not signed up – it’s too late now to join for 2013. However, you can still volunteer and support the organisers and racers on Friday night, October 25. Also, you could decide just to turn up on the finish line on the morning of Saturday, October 26, and cheer on all the racers, who’ve finished the race.

Barclays MoonTrekker 2013 Backpack

The MoonTrekker event features two distances, the Moonlit 27km (start at 9pm) and the Sunrise 40km (start at 11pm). Both routes finish at the same point (Cheung Sha Beach), the fastest hikers finish in just under 4 hours for the 27km and over 4 hours for the 40km distance.

Barclays MoonTrekker 2013 T-Shirt

It is a tough race – I admire all the hikers and runners that finish the race. Especially those that can beat the sun! See you on October 25 on Lantau Island.


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