HK Island, Hong Kong

Strolling through Sheung Wan in January

After exploring some recent art exhibitions in Central we continued our stroll through Sheung Wan. I really love this area, it is so nice with little shops and studios. It has great character with all the old houses and little streets, I really hope it continues to stay like this and don’t get too commercialised or redeveloped.

Walking through the streets I discovered this old gate with a very nice (almost German!) Christmas decoration. Four Advents wraths, how typical! Especially as I was walking around the area just a day before the fourth advent. That was suitable.

Sheung Wan Walk 1

Funnily enough, this stair case needed to be kept warm… the handrails received some new clothes! They have been yarn bombed. This originated in the US but has spread throughout the world. I have no idea who is behind the yarn bombing in Hong Kong, but it seems the blogosphere has already taken notice of some ‘warm’ handrails, pipes and columns in Sheung Wan and Central.

Sheung Wan Walk 2

A few corners further down I noticed a quirky little flower shop. Tallensia Floral Art is a little lime green burst of sunshine on a quiet backstreet, full of bright and breezy florals – and they offer flower jamming.

Sheung Wan Walk 3 Flowers

They regularly host floral jamming sessions for 430 HKD where you can design your own flower artwork. I’m curious, have you tried this already?

Sheung Wan Walk 4 Flowers

Sheung Wan Walk 5 Flowers


1 thought on “Strolling through Sheung Wan in January”

  1. OOOOH, how cool! I love yarn bombing or urban knitting or whatever they name it. And I did not catch it in HK:-(.
    Let alone in Singapore…hahaha….no way.

    Your posts show it again and again: you have a great eye for discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. I have that too and I consider it a great gift. It makes life very interesting, don’t you think?!

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