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Review: Dim Sum Square

I've been to many different Dim Sum places in Wan Chai, Central and Sheung Wan - and here is one that's on my list of favourites, together with North Garden: Dim Sum Square. I've had read about it before on HungryHK and on Razlan. Dim Sum Square is tiny, it is just one floor and… Continue reading Review: Dim Sum Square

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Tea Studio in Sheung Wan

This is a hidden gem in Sheung Wan. It is tucked away in an inconspicuous building on Po Yan Street. I'm sure I must have walked past it before, but never noticed it. It is a little Oasis hidden away from the hot and busy city. You pass through a narrow corridor into a room… Continue reading Tea Studio in Sheung Wan

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Kung Lee Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is extracted from pressed sugarcane, which has been steamed before (at least here in Hong Kong). The famous place to try this is Kung Lee on Hollywood Road. Opened in 1948, the Hollywood Road staple juices around 100 sugar cane stocks a day, using the same machine that’s been functioning for more than… Continue reading Kung Lee Sugarcane Juice

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Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

To be perfect honest, this was not one of the museums that was on my 'have-to-see' list and it was just pure coincidence that I visited it. But I was surprised by the beautiful building and well-kept herbs garden. I was strolling through Sheung Wan with my parents, exploring different galleries and side streets, when… Continue reading Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

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Photography: Man Mo temple in Sheung Wan

To end another year in Hong Kong, I've selected a few pictures taken in the beautiful Man Mo temple on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. I love this temple and its colours. The Man Mo temple is so close to the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time it can be… Continue reading Photography: Man Mo temple in Sheung Wan

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Tiny printer in Sheung Wan

Also in Sheung Wan (or maybe that's already Central, it could be at the border) is a small printer shop that I've only noticed when it's dark, during the week days. It's at the end of Wellington Street, just before it hits Queen Road Central. The printer is always very busy, fulfilling orders. He never… Continue reading Tiny printer in Sheung Wan

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A parrot’s life in Hong Kong, on a sunny Sunday noon

A parrot's life in Hong Kong can't be that bad if he gets to go out with his master... at least that is what this parrot seemed to say. He was sitting on the shoulder of his owner and kept chatting to himself (the parrot, not the man) and bouncing up and down. His owner… Continue reading A parrot’s life in Hong Kong, on a sunny Sunday noon

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Again: Hairy crab season in Hong Kong

Almost one year has passed since I wrote the post about hairy crab season in Hong Kong, and so it's time for this year's season. All over town you can see supermarkets stocked with special refrigerators to sell fresh hairy crabs that are still alive. Or if you go through the small streets in Central… Continue reading Again: Hairy crab season in Hong Kong

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Strolling throuh Sheung Wan

One area that I really like in Hong Kong, is Sheung Wan. If I was not living in Discovery Bay, I might consider living in Sheung Wan, which is in the north-west of Hong Kong Island, between Central and Sai Ying Pun. Administratively, it is part of the Central and Western District. The name can… Continue reading Strolling throuh Sheung Wan

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Long summary from the ArtWalk Hong Kong – Part 2 of 2

Our next stop took us to Karin Weber Gallery (G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Tel. 2544 5004), which was one of the highlights of the ArtWalk. The gallery showcased David Zalben "Wire My World" and as the name said, all the artwork was made out of wire. There was a room, bottles, plugs, glasses, ladies… Continue reading Long summary from the ArtWalk Hong Kong – Part 2 of 2