HK Island, Hong Kong

Kung Lee Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is extracted from pressed sugarcane, which has been steamed before (at least here in Hong Kong).

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 0

The famous place to try this is Kung Lee on Hollywood Road. Opened in 1948, the Hollywood Road staple juices around 100 sugar cane stocks a day, using the same machine that’s been functioning for more than 30 years.

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 3

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 2

They receive the sugarcane fresh in the morning and then spend the first hours of the day steaming it, to soften the hard cane. Then the cane is crushed in a mill – it will be crushed a few times, to ensure almost every drop of sweet juice is extracted.

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 4

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 5

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 6

Then you can enjoy the sweet drink which has a slightly grassy flavour.

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 1

You can also enjoy it as a jelly/pudding – which we did not try. But I’ve been told it’s actually quite dense, almost cake like with a slightly chewy sensation.

Over the years, the family added more products to meet changing times and tastes. The shop also brought in tortoise jelly and more varieties of herbal tea.

Kung Lee Sugar Cane Juice 7

But it’s the sugar cane juice that attracts the masses and keeps the family (including their two sons) in business.

Unfortunately there are rumours that the Central shop may be closed down (the building has been sold and the rent will increase) but a Wan Chai branch opened up on 113 Johnston Road.

Kung Lee
G/F, 60 Hollywood Road, Central
Open every day from 11am to 11pm, except on alternate Sundays it is closed


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