HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

I’ve been visiting the Maritime Museum several times since it moved to the very convenient central location next to the Star Ferry. I really enjoy their exhibition – and I had fun visiting their current special exhibition called ‘Made in Hong Kong‘.

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 1

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 2

This exhibition is all about what makes Hong Kong unique – and it talks about its history and its people. It is really interesting, the organisers packed a lot of information into a small space – there are lots of drawers to pull open and discover even more!

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 3

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 4

I enjoyed the time travel, to learn about Hong Kong’s exciting path and what it used to be famous for (for example its toy and film industry) – and then to contrast it to what it is famous for now (finance is one big driver). The whole exhibition is very interactive and dynamic, lots of screens and videos, as well as games to play (and a small kids corner too!).

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 5

There is a section about famous people and also what people think about Hong Kong – it is really nicely done, there are lots of artefacts, photographs and various multimedia formats to explore. Best of all, the exhibition is free!

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 6

Maritime Museum Made in Hong Kong 7

It runs until September 4, 2015 and you can visit it every day. Check out the website to learn more.


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong”

  1. Rather late with this comment. I used to volunteer at the HKMM, but haven’t been back to its premises in over two years. The Made in Hong Kong exhibit looks interesting, but I’m not sure what it has to do with maritime history.

    This exhibit seems more appropriate for the Heritage Museum.

    1. Yes good point, I am curious too on why they decided to show this exhibition. Some of it was related to Hong Kong’s ship industry and the history of the Victoria Harbour, but that was only minor. Maybe they just had the spare space to fill and given its convenient location this made sense?! I wonder what will be next.

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