HK Island, Kowloon, Sightseeing

The iconic Star Ferry

It is in every guide book, and with every reason. The Star Ferry is a fantastic way to travel across the harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and vice versa. My kids love it and so do I. The Star Ferry has been running for more than hundred years.Up to 1978 when the Cross-Harbour… Continue reading The iconic Star Ferry

HK Island, Sightseeing

Secret Rooftop Garden at the Wan Chai Ferry Pier

Technically this is not a secret, but practically it does not seem to be known much. The Wan Chai Ferry Pier has three levels – the first floor is the entry point to the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui and the Star Ferry Harbour Tour. On the second floor is an event location and the… Continue reading Secret Rooftop Garden at the Wan Chai Ferry Pier

HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

I've been visiting the Maritime Museum several times since it moved to the very convenient central location next to the Star Ferry. I really enjoy their exhibition - and I had fun visiting their current special exhibition called 'Made in Hong Kong'. This exhibition is all about what makes Hong Kong unique - and it… Continue reading Hong Kong Maritime Museum: Made in Hong Kong

HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

For a really strange and bizarre reason I thought I had blogged about this already - the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. But when I looked through my posts this year, I could not find it. I must have dreamt that I had already written about it! So here is it, the forgotten-to-write-about-this-in-April blog post about… Continue reading Hong Kong Maritime Museum

HK Island, Kowloon

Star Ferry and Sunset

Now that Patrick and I both are enjoying photography more and more we go out frequently with our cameras to hunt for great pictures. On one occasion we noticed it was a really hot and sunny day, with clear views - but we had plans to meet with our friends for drinks and then later… Continue reading Star Ferry and Sunset