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City Gallery Museum

City Gallery is an exhibition centre about the planning and development of Hong Kong. It is located at Edinburgh Place in Central – and I only stumbled upon it by sheer luck. We went to see a photography exhibition at the City Hall and that’s when we noticed the City Gallery next door.

City Gallery Hong Kong 1

It is four storeys high (and has two lifts and one baby changing station – all vital information if you are using a stroller) and opened in 2012.

City Gallery Hong Kong 4 View

On the top floor is a small library with nice views over the harbour, and you can look downstairs into the theatre on the third floor that runs shows about current and upcoming infrastructure projects in Hong Kong.

City Gallery Hong Kong 3

City Gallery Hong Kong 6

On the third floor is also a corridor with interactive displays of the planning process and information on land formation as well as the development of coastlines and skylines.

City Gallery Hong Kong 5

The second floor is all about infrastructure – transport, utilities etc. Lots of information and interactive games, especially around sustainable development. There is also a section about the nature (including hiking trails) and you can take pictures in a photo booth, which features different scenic Hong Kong backgrounds.

City Gallery Hong Kong 7

City Gallery Hong Kong 8

The first floor is all about the living environment, protecting our heritage and plans for Hong Kong in the next century. There is an area for kids to build towers and other building structures – and that’s the area my kids love best!

On the ground floor is a short section about cities – and an area for special thematic exhibitions.

City Gallery
3 Edinburgh Place, Central (if you take the MTR use Central Station Exit K and cross Chater Road, following the subway to Edinburg Place)
Open from 10am to 6pm every day
Free admission


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