Singapore: Fort Canning Park

The next day I visited Fort Canning Park again. I had been there before, on a team building exercise, but without any time to explore the lush greenery and expansive lawns in the heart of the city. The Fort is located on top of a small hill (but still tiring to climb on a hot… Continue reading Singapore: Fort Canning Park


Kyoto: Nijo Castle

Next on our list of sightseeing top spots was the Nijo Castle, which was built in 1603 as the Kyoto residence the first shogun of the Edo Period. It was expanded by his grandson by adding a five story castle keep a few years later. From 1867 onwards the Nijo Castle was used as an… Continue reading Kyoto: Nijo Castle


Kyoto: Gioji Temple in Arashiyama

This is a very unusual temple - it is more like a secret garden. It is a little bit tucked away and might not be THE temple to visit according to your guide book, but it is very unusual with the moss garden, quiet and peaceful. The temple is named for Gio, a dancer from… Continue reading Kyoto: Gioji Temple in Arashiyama