Macau: Rua da Felicidade

The next morning we went to visit the Rua da Felicidade. I’ve never been there, but I’ve seen some nice pictures, which made me want to visit this place for myself.

Macau Rua da Felicidade 1

This used to be the main street to the red light district in times gone by. After years of neglect this area has seen a rejuvenation of sorts, being revitalized with a coat of fresh red paint, a number of restaurants, guest houses, bubble tea shops and other ventures catering to tourists in the old style buildings.

Macau Rua da Felicidade 3

Apparently, movie lovers may recognize the street from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Doom”. Well, I didn’t watch the movie, so I don’t know if that’s true. Anyone can confirm or reject this claim?

Macau Rua da Felicidade 4

Macau Rua da Felicidade 2

It might be very cheesy and busy in the evening, but during daytime, when the shops and restaurants were closed, it was a nice, quiet corner of Macau to explore.

Macau Rua da Felicidade 5


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